Professional Supreme Quality Match Football Size 5 Panel 32 Hand Sewn

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Professional Supreme Quality Match Football Size 5 Panel 32 Hand Sewn

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  • Made as per official standards Supreme Quality Match Football Size 5 32 Panel Hand-Sewn
  • Material Used in Production: Bladder - Lining - Cover - Stitching
  • Bladder: The bladder holds air and usually made of Latex or Butyl. We use excellent quality Butyl bladder which is lot better than Latex ones as not it air is retained for long time but also ticks all the boxes for middle to upper class players
  • Lining: The lining material thickness and quality is most important factor. Professional quality footballs are made of three layers of cotton/polyester lining bonded together with the outer PU/PVC shell and then cut into 32 panels for stitching. We do not compromise on quality and follow international standard of 4 layers that help retaining the shape and bounce over the life of the ball.
  • Cover: There are various different types of synthetic leather PU (polyurethane) and PVC (poly vinyl chloride) are used for the outer-shell/cover. We use top quality durable PU/PVC in our football construction to achieve the perfectness.
  • Stitching: As per highest standard, our Footballs are hand stitched with 5-ply twisted polyester cord. We also add a special weather proof sealing as a final touch before each ball goes through our stringent quality tests/inspections.
Quality Test of Size 5 Outdoor Football Weight: 410 - 445 (0.8 bar) 
Circumference: 68.0 - 70.0 cm (0.8 bar)
Sphericity: Max. 1.5% (0.8 bar)
Loss of Pressure: Max. 25 % (1.0 bar) after 3 days 72h)
Water Absorption: Average water uptake 10% max.
Shape and Size Retention: Measured after 2000 kicks (0.8 bar)

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